8 Things Turning 8 this Year

8 Things Turning 8 this Year
Yep, 2011 really was that long ago…


The rumours are true... it’s our eighth birthday! Ableforth’s was created in 2011 after three friends decided they wanted to make distinctively delicious drinks that they would enjoy themselves - be that a gin, rum or other treats. Fast forward several years (and several lovely global awards) and the Ableforth’s family now includes Bathtub Gins, Rumbullion! spiced rums, Brandies and Cups.

Game of Thrones

The grand finale has taken place (don’t worry - no spoilers here), and it’s slightly mad to think about the fact Game of Thrones has been on our screens for eight whole years. The HBO series began in April 2011, and in total there were 73 episodes - which, if you really wanted to binge them all in one go would take you 72 hours and 34 minutes, just FYI.

The Royal Wedding

Remember when Wills and Kate tied the knot and we all got an extra Bank Holiday to throw street parties and eat cake? Yep, that was a whole eight years ago now. Every time we see bunting in a street we’re reminded of how good that day was and how much we love cake. And how appreciated extra Bank Holidays are - if the powers that be are listening, could we make it a thing please?

Ed Sheeran’s first single

It feels like Ed Sheeran has always been around, like he might have existed before dinosaurs. It’s hard to remember a time when his songs weren’t everywhere and he wasn’t one of the richest musicians in the world...but, such a time did exist. He actually released his debut single The A Team in June 2011 - which went on to be one of the biggest singles of the year, even winning a Grammy.

Beyoncé’s baby announcement

When most people announce they’re expecting, they tell close friends and family and maybe put a baby scan picture up on Facebook. Not the world’s biggest popstar though. When Beyonce revealed she was pregnant, she did so on stage in front of the whole world at the 2011 VMAs - a revelation which resulted in 8,868 tweets per second (which at the time was pretty record-breaking). Now daughter Blue Ivy is turning eight, and we imagine her birthday present list is a bit fancier than a selection of dolls from the Argos catalogue...

OMG and LOL being official words


The world had lamented the loss of the ‘proper’ use of language long before 2011, but that was the year text speak really made its mark, as both OMG and LOL were new entries in the Oxford English Dictionary. You’ll be pleased to know the madness didn’t end there - you’ll now find the likes of ‘hot mess’. ‘nothingburger’, Fo’shizzle, ‘humblebrag’ and more. Even Scrabble has changed its rules to allow ‘ew’ to be played.

The birth of Siri

 Once upon a time, before 2011, your phone could be used to do things like text and call and aimlessly browse Facebook, but it didn’t answer every whim and fancy of yours. Then, Apple introduced its friendly virtual assistant Siri and all kinds of fun and games ensued. The idea was probably to get Siri to do purposeful and meaningful things to make your life easier, like calling people hands-free and putting meetings in your calendar...but we mostly enjoyed asking it to tell us jokes.

Pasta being the world’s favourite food

In 2011, some very serious research was conducted which revealed that the world’s favourite food was pasta. Apparently across the globe, people couldn’t get enough of penne and pappardelle (other varieties are available of course...many, many varieties.)
Interestingly, in the last eight years this hasn’t changed. A YouGov survey earlier this year revealed that Italian cuisine is still the global favourite, with pizza and pasta the top foods. We have to say we’re a little surprised - surely avocado on toast will be taking the throne in the not-too-distant future?